Aviation Pioneering

Bringing a seaplane to remote Lake Tanganyika is an ambitious project and a unique chapter in aviation history. Never before has a seaplane been permanently stationed at the lake.

With its 650 kilometers of total length, it is traditionally difficult and time-consuming to get to
to reach one of the hidden natural beauties. Our seaplane opens the door to the discovery of a
unique and forgotten world – just the right thing for people seeking real adventures off the beaten path.

We would also like to make the aircraft available for eco-conservation projects to help preserving the unique beauty of this natural wonder. Pilots are given the opportunity to top up flight hours in a fascinating surrounding where you are guaranteed to be the only one in the vastness of the sky.

Our wish is that everyone who joins a flight with Air Tango will take away a once-in-a-lifetime experiences,
that will be talked about for a long time to come.

Read more about the genesis of the project in the “making of” section and the current development of the project in our newsblog.