For Pilots

Options for flight-experiences and licencing

You are a pilot or want to become one? Beyond the fascination of flying a seaplane, we offer much more to pilots or those who want to start new into aviation.

By our joint venture with ZRP Aviator based in Zanzibar and Arusha in the Kilimandjaro region, we can literally open up a world-unique spectrum of opportunities for you as a pilot – not only in gathering flight-experiences all over the country but also in obtaining, enhancing or renewing existing licences or endorsements. In fact, the possibilities are as unlimited and vast as the tanzanian skys and landscapes. From our seaplane flights at Lake Tanganyika in the west, up to scenic flights in Zanzibar in the east and flight trips to famous regions such as Kilimandjaro and Serengeti.

You have the choice between short, mid or long range cross-country-flights. With a team of experienced instructors and pilots we work out the best way to realize your wishes.

Top-up flight hours

As pilot you can gather flight hours whilst exploring the tanzanian aviation world. For to fly as PIC, you have the option to either validate your foreign licence for a limited amount of time (costs around 150$) or to convert it into a fully valid Tanzanian PPL-Microlight licence. We assist you with the theoretical and practical part as well as with the application-processes involved. Depending on the hours you need, costs for the conversion are around 1200 – 1500$

Now you can explore new aviation-horizons whilst topping up flight hours to your PPL-licence (check with your ATO, to make sure they are recocgnized in your country).

Learn to fly – from scratch

And even if you are a beginner and plan to obtain your own pilot licence, you can learn to fly from scratch at ZRP Flight School in Zanzibar. Depending on the flight-hours you need, the total costs for a full training program are around 12.000$.

Station your plane and yourself here

And should you come to the conclusion to dedicate more time to aviation, we will soon even be able to offer you a plot in a smart-pilot village on Zanzibar close to Nungwy airport – with your own house or appartment, a hangar in walking distance and the indian ocean in sight…