Nynja Skyranger 912 ULS Amphibious

Take a look at our brand new Nynja Skyranger 912 ULS here. Due to her reliability, simple and straightforward construction as well as her stable flight capabilities, it is one of the most successful light sport aircraft. The Nynja was conceived by Philippe Prevot in 1991 in France and has been continuously improved since. Thanks to all these parameters, it is the ideal aircraft for our purpose here in Africa.

The Nynja offers excellent all-round visibility and impressive performance. Our model year of construction 2021 with MTOW 600 kg is equipped with a 100 hp engine by market leader Rotax. In order to optimally implement the power, we equipped the machine with a high-tech carbon propeller made by E-Props.

This means that sufficient power and weight reserves are available for our water take offs and aviation adventures.

We imported the amphibious float system made by Puddle-Jumpers from Canada – the country of seaplane experts. Take-offs and landings with the system are possible both on water and tarmac.

The Nynja is equipped with a powerful trig radio, a garmin navigation system and a satellite-based
personal locator beacon equipped.


The luggage compartment offers space for luggage up to 10 kg – sufficient for camera equipment and equipment for a hike to the chimpanzees in Mahale…