Operations on Lake Tanganyika approved – we are coming!

Since we got green light from the TCAA for our seaplane-project at Lake Tanganyika, we are now preparing the aircraft for our cross-country-flight to the Lake Shore Lodge. We want to take off on saturday 25th here from Zanzibar airport in the early morning at around 6:30. We will go in three legs and will have two overnight stops The first one in Dodoma, which is by the way the capital of Tanzania, and the second one in Tabora. Our plan is to arrive on Tuesday 27th around noon at Lake Tanganyika!

Each leg is around 200 miles which means a flight time of 3,5 to 4 hrs. From Zanzibar to Dodoma we will go high up to 6500 ft in order to fly over the Nguru Mountains. From Dodoma to Tabora it is pretty flat terrain so we can adjust our cruising altitude according to the best wind conditions. From Tabora we go a straight line to Mpanda where we want to turn a little bit to the South in order to reach the lake close to Cape Mpimbwe. This is where we turn South for the last 20 miles to the Lodge.

It is very exciting to having reached this point after two years of preparation! Actually the days before Christmas haven´t been so exciting for a long time. Cedrick and me are very much looking forward to the trip and to meeting everybody at the Lodge.

Me of course I am especially excited to meet Kerstin again – she has been waiting patiently for our cross-country to finally take place 😉

One thought on “Operations on Lake Tanganyika approved – we are coming!

  1. Wish you good luck and best weather conditions for an exciting and enjoyable cross-country flight! Looking forward to lots of great pics 😉


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