Along the coast of Zanzibar and to Pemba

At this stage of the project, we are performing a series of flights here in Zanzibar in preparation to go to Lake Tanganyika.

Usually we fly along the coastline of Zanzibar enjoying the colorful views of the spice island. The composition of the picture is changing all the time. Some areas remind of the Amazonas, others appear like southern sea sceneries with tiny islands in the sea.

Yesterday we had a looong trip – first around the island and in a second flight to Zanzibars neighbour-island Pemba around 100 Km to the north. For me it was one more overwhelming experience to fly over water and open sea in the big blue.

We finetune the propeller, check in depth all functions, train the operation of the gear-retraction system in flight and familiarize with the plane in general. With the floats the Nynja is again another plane with more inertia and different parameters. But by pitching the prop precisely we reduced the fuel consumption now significantly.

At current we have 18hrs on the engine counter. With two more days like this, we have completed the 25hrs for the first engine maintenance. We are than fully ready for departure and the job here in Zanzibar will be done.

Here are some impressions of our last flights:

Pemba in sight. The trip takes around 50 minutes.

The GPS system is basically a complete cockpit on its own.

A view of the east coast of Pemba. Unfortunately this picture is overcast. In reality, the sea and these remote bays and beaches were truly colorful.

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