Meeting at TCAA-Headquarter at Dar es Salaam

Last week, TCAA invited me to a formal meeting in TCAA´s headquarter in Dar es Salaam with the heads of operations- and airworthiness-department. So on friday morning I took a flight on one of the hourly 20-minute-shuttle-planes between Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam. The meeting was very succesful, I think. I had the chance to explain in detail what we are planning there and how this endeavor will be benefitial for the region in respect of the economic situation as well as in respect of supporting local NGOs in their efforts to work for the sustainmant of the fragile ecological system.

Bottom line is, that TCAA says, it is in favor of the project, wants to support us and help us to be succesful with it. TCAA confirmed that they will give us a special flight permit for Lake Tanganyika in order to ferry the plane and familiarize with the situation. In a subsequent step, we will go through a process to get our own operators licence. This is due to the fact, that there is no independent regulatory system for light sport aircraft, so that the same structures apply as for certified aviation.

Anyway: having a green light and encouragement now from TCAA, we can fully focus on preparing for the cross-country-flight and on setting up the situation at the lake. Currently we are still waiting for the issuing of the certificate of airworthiness. All the prequisites have been completed already last week. Therefore it should be on our table coming week. But well, its Africa…Some processes are speedy some are lengthy.

But once we have it, we are immediately free to fly here and perform some flights here in Zanzibar in order to check in depth the plane and to do the first engine maintenance.

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